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A school lunch program is sponsored by Greece Christian School. Applications are reviewed following federal guidelines for free or reduced price lunches. Students can choose to bring their own lunch and purchase milk, juice, or snacks. Hot lunches are ordered daily from and prepared by the Greece Athena cafeteria and are served at GCS.

Menus are provided on a monthly basis and consist of the regular entree, a combination, grilled cheese, or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Any student planning on buying a lunch at the school cafeteria must indicate so during attendance at their homeroom. Different systems are used in different grades to order lunch. Should a student arrive at school after attendance has been sent to the office he must order a lunch via the school office at the time he is dropped off. No child will go without a lunch should they not bring or fail to order. A lunch will be provided for them (unless they refuse it), and the parent will be notified as to the cost. Milk and snacks can be purchased at the snack table in the cafeteria. Parents can send money in with their child or establish an “account” for lunches or at the snack table by paying ahead. No “credit” will be given to students for snacks.  Parents are to be advised that: the cafeteria does not have provision to heat up or keep student lunches cold at school, and that due to health concerns, energy drinks are not to be consumed while at school.  Parents can check the lunch accounts in the Parent Portal.

The last 10 minutes of each lunch period will be designated a supervised “free time” for: 1) the whole lunchroom to go outside, weather permitting, or 2) for a designated group each day, such as 1st and 2nd girls, 3rd and 4th boys, etc..

April 2021 Menu

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