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Testing and Assessment

Greece Christian School maintains a balanced approach to testing and assessment. While student progress needs to be evaluated in order to understand if a student has mastered the material presented, we do not sacrifice valuable teaching time for standardized test preparation.  When a student applies for admission to our school, a placement test may be administered if there is a question of grade placement.

Classroom testing and assessment, to gauge mastery, is done in grades K-8 using different approaches. Assessment can be done through observation, evaluation software (ie. eSparks, STAR), as well as projects or other activities. More formal tests used may be teacher created or part of the textbook resources.     

Students in grades K through 8 are given the Iowa Achievement standardized tests each spring. This allows us to follow a student’s progress using a national normed assessment.  Eighth grade students also take a proficiency exam for Spanish I giving them one credit for high school and entrance to a  Spanish II as freshman should they desire to do so.