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Our philosophy of education is the foundation for four areas of education objectives: those related to:  students' academic progress and achievement,  spiritual and moral growth,  personal and social development, as well as on Greece Christian School's responsibility to the student’s entire family.

Academically, the school aims to: promote high academic standards; equip the students with a thorough comprehension and command of the basic processes used in communicating and working with others;  teach and promote good study  habits;  develop  creative  and  evaluative  thinking  based  on  Biblical criteria; promote good citizenship through the development of an appreciation of our Christian and American heritages and through study of current events, relating to God’s plan for man; produce understanding and appreciation of God’s world.  

For the spiritual and moral growth of the students, the school seeks to: teach the fundamental truths of the Bible, the inspired Word of God; lead the students into a personal saving knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; help the students discover the will of God for their lives and to equip them to carry out that will; teach the students the role of the Church in the world and assist them in becoming active and effective participants in the ministry of the Church; develop a Biblical concept of sin and a desire for holiness and to teach the students how to be victorious over sin; and cultivate the fruit of the Spirit in the lives of the students.   

For the students’ personal and social development, the school seeks to: help the students develop their personalities and their own capabilities, built on a proper understanding and acceptance of themselves as unique individuals created in the image of God; teach the students that others are also made in the image of God and therefore should be shown respect and love; teach the students that time is a God-given commodity and that as individuals they are responsible to use it effectively; promote good health habits, physical fitness and wise use of the body, since it is the temple of the Holy Spirit;   

Working with the parents or guardians, the school endeavors to cooperate with the parents or guardians in all facets of the students’ development, especially as it relates to the school program; encourage families to grow spiritually and develop Christ-centered homes; and encourage regular attendance and involvement in a local Christian church.   

 Life Success Outcomes  
It is the goal of Greece Christian School to have graduates who are Born again Christians exhibiting the Fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23),  empowered by the Holy Spirit, motivated and able to lead others to Jesus, positive community leaders and role models, responsible citizens, effective communicators, well educated, self-directed, and life-long learners who are able to use the Word of God with great authority.   

Pedagogical Soundness  
1 Cor. 12:14-18 tells us that God has set many members in the body (of Christ) and it pleases Him. While we recognize that spiritual soundness is most important in education, a method or combination of methods must be judged also by the ability to produce the desired learning (Horton, 1992). “One size does not fit all” in the classroom, as not all children learn the same way. At GCS teachers prayerfully consider both Learning Style (Gregorc) and Multiple Intelligence (Garner) theories when differentiating instruction to best teach the students.