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Health Services

GCS Health Office


Greece Christian School has registered nurse support and follows local and state public health guidelines.New York State requires immunization and health records to be on file for all school children. Parental cooperation in compiling these records is imperative. All students in grades K, 2, 4 and 7 are required by law to have a physical examination. 

1 - Illness. Any child, who has symptoms, or the beginning of an illness, should be kept home. Should a child present symptoms of sickness upon arriving at school or during the school day, you will be called to come and take your child home.

2 - Immunizations. New York Public Health Law 2164 requires that in order or a child to attend school he/she must be properly immunized against: diphtheria, poliomyelitis, measles, varicella, rubella, Hepatitis B, and mumps. 

3 - Medicine at school. If a student must take medication during the school day, the medication must be brought to the Nurse’s Office by a parent or guardian. Medication must be in the original pharmacy container or a sealed “over the counter” container with a written consent form from your child’s doctor. Two pictures of the child must be provided for identification purpose. One picture will be attached to the medication card and the other to the corresponding medication container.

4 - Accidents. The teacher is responsible, by law, for students in his care. Any accident of a serious nature which occurs in the classroom, on an activity field, or on a school sponsored trip must be reported to the office. Parents will then be notified. Necessary minor first aid will be given at the Health Office.

5 - Sports. Students participating in competitive sports must have a physical within the past 12 months and be certified by the school nurse for each sport.

6 - Dental Examinations. New York State Education law requires that students entering in a school district be advised of the importance of having a complete dental exam done. Please provide proof that a dentist has performed this examination during the previous 12 months or that such an exam is scheduled. Your dentist may submit a form or note. If the dental exam is scheduled after school has started, we require a note stating the scheduled date of the exam.

7 - Allergies. Food allergies can be life threatening. At GCS we work to reduce the risk of accidental exposure to food by working with students, parents, and physicians to minimize the risks and provide a safe environment for food-allergic students. A family should notify the school of any allergies your child might have by completing an allergy form and, if merited, develop an accommodation plan with the school leadership.