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Homework Policy



The purpose of homework is to reinforce the concepts taught during the school day, and may be differentiated at the discretion of the teacher at times. Parents will be able to log onto their specifically assigned online account within the FACTS Family Portal to view what assignments have been assigned by their teacher(s). GCS maintains a “no excuse” policy regarding homework. Parents can expect to receive the teacher’s homework policy at parent orientation. In addition, parents will be notified when homework is not being completed on a consistent basis. Students may benefit from the use of personal planners to learn organizational skills, especially in the older grades. Homework for these grades, however, is also posted on FACTS SIS for their access, as well as for the parent.  The GCS guideline for homework is 10 minutes per numeric grade per night (i.e. 3x10=30 minutes for 3rd grade; 8x10=80 minutes for 8th , etc.); however, the time may vary depending on your child, if there was a study hall, etc.. Generally, working on assignments in a quiet environment in the same place each day yields the best results. A student should not spend “hours” normally, on homework. If an assignment is requiring an unreasonable amount of time a parent should get involved and write a note to the teacher indicating the amount of time already spent and progress made. Should concerns arise, a parent may contact the teacher. If a student is out for a prolonged period of time (generally for more than a day) due to illness or other excused reason, a parent must contact the school before noon as allowance is made in order to arrange to pick up the work your student has missed. All work needs to be made up within a reasonable length of time as determined by the situation and teacher. If a student has an “elective” absence (as with  a family vacation), a parent  must contact  the teacher at  least  one week in advance to allow the teacher time to try and estimate class progress and assign work that they expect to cover. For credit, the student is required to hand in all assignments when they return to school.

GCS may ask students with homework past due to be in Homework Help during second lunch, or after school. After eating, they will use the remainder of the time to work on homework with an assigned teacher in the room.To support student attendance in mid-week church programs GCS has a “no homework” policy for Wednesdays / “no major tests” policy for Thursdays.  However, if seat work was not completed in class or in a study hall, or assignments are “past due” the work is still expected to be turned in on Thursday for credit.