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Grading Policy



Greece Christian School maintains a balanced curriculum.  Course offerings include Language Arts (reading, literature, composition, handwriting, and spelling), Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Art, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish in grades 6-8.  Curriculum content is built using our practice of adapting to best practices in the area of standards, instructional strategies, curriculum, assessment, and teacher/program evaluation under the direction of the Holy Spirit to prepare our students for the world around them. GCS adapts to (not “adopts”) state standards and curriculum when they are not contradictory to our Christian philosophy of education, or our vision of providing a quality education to the born-again Christian community. Foundational to our educational program is a Christian worldview, with Biblical standards and principles, which cannot be achieved using secular education models where mere knowledge replaces “the fear of the Lord”.

Student achievement is based on the degree of mastery of the instructional objectives for each subject.  Assignments, tests, projects, classroom activities, and other instructional activities are designed so that the student’s performance indicates the level of mastery.  The student’s mastery is a major factor in determining the grade for a subject or course.  Student grades are reported at the close of each quarter with a report card, with weekly summary grades sent home each Sunday night throughout the year for grades 6th - 8th. Parents are encouraged to monitor ongoing progress through the use of the Family Portal as accessed from our website: 

Report card grades:

Kindergarten receive a skills based grade. Grades 1-5 receive letter grades and grades 6-8 receive numerical grades. Incomplete grades on the report cards must be made up within 2 weeks and report cards reissued.  Teacher must enter the grades and inform the office that the grade has been made up. Any longer time period is only permissible in a case by case basis when approved by the principal.

Scale for grades 1-5:

A+       97-100

A         90-96

B+       87-89

B         80-86

C+       77-79

C         70-76

D         65-69

F          below 65

Scale for K and Specials in K-3:

E          Excellent

S          Satisfactory

I           Improving

N         Needs Improvement

Teachers will send out a list of missing work with a deadline, but parents are asked to check missing work through the parent portal. In grades 1-2, all work not made up will receive a grade of 50%. For grades 3-8, all work not made up will receive a grade of 0.

Final exam grades in 6-8:

If the subject gives a NY State test, no final exam or project is required. A final evaluation must include material from the entire school year. When a final test or project is given, it will be counted as a 10% of the yearly average but will appear on the report card as a final exam.

Any questions on specific grades which a student receives should be directed to the teacher for that subject.