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Welcome to the joys of learning at Greece Christian Preschool!  Early childhood should be a time of fun, excitement, security, exploration, and discovery.  We strive to provide a warm and engaging atmosphere that encourages spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth and development of each child.  

Our vision is to offer a quality preschool and pre-Kindergarten program integrating Biblical values.  We believe that children are a gift from the Lord (Ps. 127:3) and are valuable in His sight.  Our program reflects our values and belief that God's Word is the foundation of truth and that God's love should be the model of our lives. 

Please call us today to learn more about how to become a part of our growing family. Prospective parents are encouraged to visit Greece Christian Preschool prior to enrollment. Preschool tours run 15 to 20 minutes and children are most definitely welcome! Please contact the school office at 585-723-1165 to schedule your appointment.

We invite you to visit the Greece Christian Preschool website to learn more about our school.




Cathy Astuto 
Preschool Director