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Greece Christian School was established in 1982 to offer a quality education to the Christian community. Spirit-filled worship and ministry of the Word take place each week at our two chapels.  In addition, guest speakers help add much to the spiritual life of the school.  We believe that all truth is God’s truth.  Jesus Christ and His teachings are central in all knowledge and truth.  As a Christian school, we endeavor to equip our children to serve God, their family, their church and their nation.  We teach God’s truth as revealed to us in the Bible and as evidenced through the sciences, art, music, history, recreation and all creation. Students come from a variety of social, ethnic and economic backgrounds.  They are representatives from over 45 churches from both urban and suburban settings.  GCS students perform at levels equal to or above other students in the Monroe County area.  An atmosphere conducive to learning and coupled with support from the home helps make a significant difference in the lives of many students (spiritual and academic). Each class has a teacher trained and degreed to teach that class, with separate classes for each grade.  They are committed to developing each child as an individual mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Our staff is comprised of  Christian teachers who believe in parents, students and teachers working together as partners in education.