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What Parents Can Expect


In our Bible-centered and God-centered (Eph. 6:4) program,   children   are   provided   with   the   opportunity   to   grow   spiritually, academically, and in the area of physical fitness. GCS teachers are degreed, most with NYS certification, and exhibit a work ethic and pattern of Christian life worthy of imitation (Luke 6:40). Parents can expect teachers and staff to partner in your child's education. We expect parents to support the school's policies and to continue to raise their children in a Christlike home environment. Students in our elementary school do have homework except for Wednesday nights. Parents can follow their child's progress and homework assignments by logging into the Parent Portal. Most classes will have field trips coordinating with the curriculum. Field trips in grades K an 1 are limited because of carseats. 

Parents can expect your child to have a learning environment where children are taught, loved and prayed for by a teacher who follows Christ.