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How to Enroll


Welcome to the Greece Christian School. To begin the enrollment process, please call the school office at 585-723-1165. You will have an opportunity to learn more about our school and get answers to your questions. For preschool through grade 8, upon request, you will be mailed an information packet.

Parents inquiring about preschool may request an enrollment packet. The packet includes:

  • Application
  • Tuition worksheet
  • Physical form
  • Immunization record

When the packet is completed it is turned into the school office with the registration fee. Parents will be contacted by the Director.

Parents interested in K through 8, will be scheduled for an interview with the principal. Children ready to enter kindergarten will be scheduled for screening during this time. At the interview parents will be given an enrollment packet.

The enrollment packet includes:

  • Student Application Form
  • Parental Agreement Form
  • Authorization of Release of Information Form
  • Pastor’s Form
  • Tuition Payment Plan
  • Student Health Services Information Forms
  • Statement of Faith
  • Dress Code
  • Uniform order forms
  • Greece Central Kindergarten information form (if applicable)

When the packet is completed, parents are asked to bring the packet, along with the registration fee to the school office.
The application will be reviewed by the principal and parents will be notified of acceptance.